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About Maria Pineda

"Once you decide, the universe conspires to make it happen." -Ralph Waldo E.

Hey, I'm Maria, the creative mind behind the camera. I consider myself an extroverted, empathetic, and dynamic person when shooting the camera.



Since 2007, I have liked documenting stories and immortalizing moments through photography; however, due to fate, it was not until January 2020 that I rediscovered this passion.


As the owner of Maria Pineda Photography, I am proud to offer a unique style of documentary wedding photography that captures the essence of your special day. Our vintage-journalistic approach ensures that each photograph tells its emotional story while maintaining its elegance and beauty.


As a woman-owned business, we understand the importance of celebrating all forms of love, and I'll be very honored to be a part of your journey. I hope you allow yourself to immortalize those special moments that are so treasured.

Contact us to learn more about our services.

Contact me

Phone: 914-394-7367


Find us

46 Carvert St,

Harrison, NY 10528.

Also covering events on:

All around the USA & México.

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