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This happened to me at Manhattan City Clerk’s Office - Wedding session in Central Park

I tell you that yesterday I had a beautiful civil wedding at the Manhattan City Clerk's Office; although the appointment was at 2:45 p.m., for this session, I prepared early; I had batteries, memory, and camera ready.

I love working with natural light, but additional light is often necessary, especially in places with very warm lights or dark spaces. Every photographer knows it, I know it, and still, I thought that, as almost always, you wouldn't need any additional light.

Manhattan City, Clerk's Office, is a very beautiful place with beautiful architecture, large windows, and a series of chandeliers with a super warm light that did nothing to benefit the environment.

Seeing other photographers, every one using their lights, I confess that I felt intimidated and regretful for having thought that I would not need mine; even so, I had something going for me: my favorite lens, a Canon EF 50 mm 1.4; this objective helped me get the job done, here are some images.

For the second part of the session in Central Park, additional light was no longer necessary since the conditions of the day and time, coupled with a layer of clouds, made the environment suitable for photos with natural light.

The journey was a walk, starting at E 79th St. & 5th Ave until reaching Valverde Castle, and then walking towards The Ramble; visiting the Oak Bridge and on the way back, ending with some photos overlooking the lake, worthy of a magazine cover.

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