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34 Things About Me: The Story Behind The Camera

Updated: Mar 28

I have to say that I'm super happy to share a little more about myself. My name is Maria Pineda. I am a wedding and sweet 16 Photographer based in NYC. Since 2007, I have specialized in capturing the magical moments of weddings and other events through my camera lens.

Now it is time for an update about your photographer. As long, I recently turned 34, here are 34 things about me:

  1. Full name: Maria del Rosario Pineda.

  2. Age: 34 years.

  3. Nationality: Mexican born in the USA.

  4. Siblings: Two sisters.

  5. Phobias: Spiders.

  6. Tattoos: Yes, three.

  7. Profession: IT, Photographer, Blogger.

  8. Languages: English and Spanish.

  9. Hobbies: Write & read.

  10. Qualities: Passionate & Professional.

  11. Fav food: Mexican & Perubian.

  12. Fav series: It's okay to not be okay.

  13. Fav song: I don't want to miss a thing.

  14. Fav color: Green.

  15. Fav book: The Alchemist.

  16. Fav movie: Casablanca, 1943.

  17. My place to chill: Roaster Café.

  18. Sadness time: When my fiancée passed away in an accident before our wedding.

  19. Happiest time: When I got married to my husband.

  20. Pets: Two, Maya & Diner.

  21. Sports: None.

  22. Drink: Coffee.

  23. Smoke: Sometimes.

  24. Jealous: No.

  25. The word defines you: Magic.

  26. Good on you: I'm good at lessening.

  27. Bad on you: My pride.

  28. Live hack: Get ready a day before.

  29. Injuries: No.

  30. Embarrassing moment: When I answered wrong call.

  31. Funniest moment: I danced Caballo dorado in a Sweet 15.

  32. Writing or reading: Both.

  33. My favorite pic was taken: I have a gallery with my favs.

  34. Advice: Live is now. The sky is the limit.

I am glad you find this post interesting. I want to keep sharing a part of this journaling, calling life. As a woman-owned business, we understand the importance of celebrating all forms of love, and I'll be very honored to be a part of your journey.

I hope you allow yourself to immortalize those special moments that are so treasured.

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