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What you should know before traveling, travel tips, vacations, …

If you search for “travel tips” on the internet you will find endless interesting information related to this topic, this time I am going to talk to you about my personal experience. I hope it helps you in organizing your next trip.

Traveling, although it sounds exciting, is always stressful, and a thousand and one things can happen when it comes to taking that trip that we have been waiting for so long. You forget something, when it's time to pack, or you don't even know what to bring, or for example: you end up leaving your new products at the airport, etc.

Each trip is different, but we all go for the same goal: organize ourselves, do more with less, and have fun at our destination. If you are about to go on vacation or travel:

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

2. Check the weather at your destination.

3. Wear basic clothes.

4. Take your time to prepare your luggage.

5. Prepare your favorite playlist.

6. Be punctual.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. Whether you travel by land or air; forget about glamour and comfort above all!, and even more so if you are going on a trip where you will spend a lot of time sitting. I recommend you travel with a few clothes, comfortable clothes, and easy-to-remove shoes, for customs processes, if traveling by air.

  2. Check the weather at your destination. Whether you're going to the beach or somewhere new, make sure you know what kind of weather they'll have for the days you'll be visiting. This will help you choose outfits according to the climatic conditions of the place.

  3. Wear basic clothes. Consider the time you will be away and based on that, decide carefully the clothes you will take with you, put together your outfits with basic clothes and combine them. This will save you space and at the same time give you a lot of style. IMPORTANT: include at least a semi-formal dress, remember that “it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”\

  4. Take your time to prepare your luggage. Yes, time is your best friend. Take your time to see what you need, get organized, and go ahead! * Place all your liquid skincare/makeup products in a cosmetic bag or plastic bag. * Organize and arrange your clothes and shoes. * Prepare your accessories: sunglasses, hat, necklaces, and makeup. * Store your headphones, cables, rechargeable batteries, etc. * Charge your cell phone.

  5. Get ready for your favorite playlist. Download all the music you want and add it to your playlist, whether you go by plane or by car, it will surely make you want to listen to your favorite songs while admiring the landscape.

  6. Be on-time. Arriving with enough time is crucial when traveling, especially if it is by air. If you travel by land, respect departure times. If you are traveling by air, you must arrive at least 4 hours before your flight. From experience, I tell you that arriving an extra hour with the 3-hour rule can make a big difference. Especially if you travel with your ESAN (Emotional Support Animal). With those simple steps, you will have a wonderful travel experience.

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